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Adhesive Resins
September 25, 2014

Evonik develops an innovative packaging solution for reactive Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefines

  • Evonik presents the Easy Peel Package - a new packaging solution for reactive adhesive raw materials and hot melts 
  • The company has filed a patent application for the packaging system

Evonik is breaking totally new ground by developing a packaging system especially for their reactive grades of VESTOPLAST® - the Easy Peel Package. Now, silane-modified VESTOPLAST® 206 appears in a perfect packaging solution and optimizes the handling of product for customers.

VESTOPLAST® 206 for special Applications

Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefins, which Evonik markets as VESTOPLAST® is used in a broad field of applications. Some application fields place very high demands on the hot melt adhesive. For bonded joints in automotive interiors, for example, it is not uncommon for shear adhesion failure temperature exceeding 120°C to be required. The substrates there increasingly consist of polypropylene, which is preferably bonded or laminated without pre-treatment as far as possible. For these special requirements Evonik developed VESTOPLAST® 206. This silane-modified, moisture-curing grade of VESTOPLAST® is distinguished by improved adhesion, even to polar substrates and without pretreatment.

Easy Peel Package – the packaging solution

The special challenge in the development of optimal packaging for reactive grades arises from the intrinsic properties of the product: The very same property that is so desirable in the end application for bonding to substrates turns out to be a serious disadvantage when it comes to packaging the product, because the product must not adhere so firmly to the packaging that it cannot be separated from it. Apart from general requirements on packaging, such as minimal weight and volume, simple and safe handling, and easy and cost-effective disposal, additional product-specific requirements are of high relevance: The packaging must withstand the temperatures, of up to 160°C, at which hot melt adhesive materials are generally filled. It must also be highly impervious to even traces of moisture, to prevent premature cross-linking or gelling of the product. It must be possible, moreover, to empty the product completely from the packaging without leaving any residues.

After months of intensive development engineers of Evonik can now present the optimal solution: the new Easy Peel Package. This innovative packaging satisfies all the above-mentioned requirements and also offers the customer cost advantages compared to conventional packaging forms. The new moisture-resistant and non-adhesive packaging solution allows safer and simpler handling of the product. Laborious use of hobbocks and drums is now a thing of the past, and the moisture-sensitive product does not suffer any loss of quality during transfer.

Evonik has filed a patent application for this packaging solution. VESTOPLAST® 206 now available as a 10 kg pack in the new Easy Peel Package. For technical support and sample ordering please contact our global VESTOPLAST® Technical Service at +49 2365 49 2502, or

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