Designed Polymers for

Printing Inks & Paints


POLYVEST® for Offset printing inks

POLYVEST® provides excellent drying properties in heat-set and cold-set applications. The unfunctionalized and solvent-free POLYVEST® grades combine high and medium molecular weight with medium and low viscosity. These products have good pigment wetting properties and good pigment loading capabilities. POLYVEST® sinks deep into the paper pores in cold-set applications and react under ambient temperature with atmospheric oxygen.

VESTOWAX® as additive in Printing Inks & Paints

  • Printing Inks in order to adjust matting effects and rub resistance
  • Can Coatings to offer a release effect. Depending on the wax grade used there are option to adjust wax surface tension and the release effect
  • Coil Coatings to increase scratch resistance and to avoid metal marking
  • Wood Coatings to enhance water repellency, to improve the slip and to adjust anti-scratch properties and matting effects
  • Powder coatings. Here waxes act as processing aid, like lubricants, grinding aids or free flow supporters.
  • At the same time the influecne the properties of the finished coating by promoting of leveling in the baking stage, improving the slip properties, avoiding metal markings, increasing abrasion resistance and matting effects.