Designed Polymers for

Aerospace Applications


Our POLYVEST® HT-A, a hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB), is our grade destined for aerospace applications, especially for solid and hybrid rocket propellants that are used in micro-thrusters, satellite launch vehicles and other propulsion systems.

A solid rocket propellant consists of a polymer matrix in which oxidants and metal powders are incorporated. The polymer matrix acts as binder and is a very important component as it ensures the right balance between strength and flexibility. When ignited, the propellant compounds burn rapidly in a controlled manner (deflagration), expelling hot gases from a nozzle to produce the thrust.

POLYVEST® HT-A is used as one of the two main components to form a urethane network that is crucial for the rocket propellant mechanics. This is achieved through the chemical reaction of hydroxyl groups from POLYVEST® HT-A with isocyanates, e.g. IPDI. Polyurethanes matrices are very energetic compounds well suited to produce the required propulsive force in these applications.

Key benefits of POLYVEST® HT-A  

  • High cold resistance by keeping good flexibility at low temperature
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Good dispersibility of high loads of inorganic fillers
  • Good adhesion to various polymeric and metallic substrates