Designed Polymers for

Edge Bonding & Profile Wrapping


Hot melt adhesives are used for bonding various kinds of edges or plastic films to fiberboards providing high productivity due to physical setting.

Thermoplastic VESTOPLAST® based hot melts are recommended for applications where heat resistance up to 120°C is needed.

DYNACOLL® 7000 based reactive hot melts have to be used for furniture, e.g. for kitchens and bathrooms where high temperature resistance as well as water vapor resistance is requested.

DYNACOLL® S copolyester based reactive hot melts are primarily used for laminating PVC films on window frames made of PVC or aluminum for decorative purposes. Green strength has to be very high in order to obtain high productivity. Outdoor applications, in particular, have very high temperature and weather resistance requirements.

VESTOPLAST® and DYNACOLL® for edge bonding, profile wrapping and flat lamination