DYNACOLL® 7000 series

With its DYNACOLL® 7000 polyester-polyols Evonik offers tailor-made raw materials for one-component moisture-curable hotmelt (RHM) adhesives and sealants. DYNACOLL® 7000 products are linear copolyesters with primary hydroxyl functionality and medium molecular weight.

Depending on their morphology the product range is divided into three basic groups:

  • DYNACOLL® 7100 series amorphous, solid
  • DYNACOLL® 7200 series liquid, pasty
  • DYNACOLL® 7300 series partially crystalline, solid

The product group is designed as a building block system, most DYNACOLL® 7000 polyester-polyols are compatible with each other. Partially incompatible but miscible systems are, however, necessary in many applications as well. DYNACOLL® 7000 copolyesters are usually supplied in 25 or 30 kg and 190 or 200 kg steel drums. Liquid bulk deliveries are available on special request.

Your benefits

Our building block system allows a precise formulation of reactive PUR hot melts with low application temperatures and high heat resistance. Basic effects on the RHM properties are:

DYNACOLL® 7100 SERIES- shortens open time
- increases initial strength, melt viscosity and adhesion to polar substrates

DYNACOLL® 7200 SERIES- increases flexibility, open time and adhesion to non-polar substrates
- lowers melt viscosity

DYNACOLL® 7300 SERIES- shortens open time (depending on crystallinity) and lowers melt viscosity
- increases initial strength

Markets and Applications

Reactive hot melts based on DYNACOLL® 7000 are used in several industries:

Automotive industry (e.g. automotive interior parts, door panels, windshield bonding)

Woodworking industry (e.g. edge banding, profile wrapping, flat lamination, parquet floors)

Packaging industry / graphic arts (e.g. folding boxes, bookbinding)

Construction industry (e.g. flat lamination, sandwich construction)

Textile industry (e.g. protection wear, sports wear, medical applications, health care)