Bio-based polyester-polyols


With its DYNACOLL® Terra product range Evonik offers polyester-polyols made from renewable raw materials.

These bio-based polyesters contain between > 30 and 100 ppw of renewable monomers.

According to our DYNACOLL® 7000 product range a building block system of medium molecular weight copolyesters for moisture curing PUR hot melts was developed. It is divided in three basic groups:

  • Amorphous grades
  • Liquid grades
  • Crystalline grades

DYNACOLL® Terra bio-based polyesters are usually supplied in 25 or 30 kg and 190 or 200 kg steel drums.

Your benefits

  • Support of resource efficiency by using green components
  • Modular combination of polyesters in RHM formulation possible
  • Available grades exhibiting broad range of properties in formulations
  • Well-balanced and versatile adhesion properties
  • Implementation of new properties possible