POLYVEST® liquid polybutadienes for many markets



With our POLYVEST® product range we offer a range of stereospecific, low viscous and unsaponifiable liquid polybutadienes of different chemical compositions.

  • POLYVEST® - non-functionalized liquid polybutadienes
  • POLYVEST® MA - maleic anhydride-functionalized liquid polybutadienes
  • POLYVEST® HT - hydroxyl-terminated liquid polybutadienes
  • POLYVEST® ST - silane-terminated liquid polybutadienes

Our non-functionalized products differ in molar mass and viscosity.

The MA-functionalized products are adducts of linear polybutadiene and maleic anhydride and differ in maleic anhydride content and viscosity. The anhydride groups are randomly distributed along the polymer chains and thus make the originally apolar polybutadiene more polar and accessible for various chemical reactions.

The hydroxyl-terminated product is an alpha-omega-terminated diol of polybutadiene manufactured by radical polymerisation process. In addition to the double bonds in the polymer backbone, the hydroxyl functional groups provide opportunities for precise chemical modifications.

The silane-terminated products represent a new generation of functionalized liquid rubber additives. They combine the advantages of liquid rubbers and functional silanes. Their silane functionalities allow the surface modification of hydrophilic silica fillers and therefore improve the dispersibility of silica in rubber compounds. Due to its rubber-based nature POLYVEST® ST exhibits a natural fit and excellent compatibility to rubber matrix of tire compounds.

POLYVEST® ST is available in three different grades with varying degree of silanization, which allows to optimize the silane/rubber ratio depending on the individual performance needs.

Your benefits

The microstructure of our POLYVEST® grades makes them a highly reactive and cross-linking binder and provides them with properties including:

- excellent chemical resistance

- high water resistance

- very good electrical insulation

- very good cold-resistance

- low moisture and oxygen permeability

Markets and applications

POLYVEST® grades are used in adhesives and sealants for:

Automotive applications (e.g. tires, head lamps, sound damper, body & paint shop sealer)

Coatings (e.g. air drying improver of vegetable oils, defoamers, impregnations, modifier in resin systems)

Construction (e.g. insulated glass sealants, binder of dusty and dry quarz sand, binder for soil stabilization, modifier of silicone sealants)

Electronics (e.g. electronical insulations and potting compounds)

Plastics (e.g. cell opener for PU-foam, release agents for PU-foam)

Polymer modification (e.g. chlorinated rubbers, electrocoatings)

Printing and inks (e.g. offset printing inks, polymer printing plates)

Rubber (e.g. binder for recycled rubber compounds, modifier in carbon black filled EPDM compounds, plasticizer in rubber compounds)