With its VESTOWAX® product range Evonik offers synthetic waxes produced by Fischer-Tropsch-Process. They act as your value additive for hot melt and other applications.

This process yields straight-chain products possessing low viscosity in the melt and having molecular weights of between 500 and 1,000 g/mol.

The definition of the term ›wax‹ is based less on the chemical composition of a substance than on its physical properties:

  • kneadable at 20 °C, with a consistency ranging from solid to brittle-hard
  • coarsely to finely crystalline, translucent to opaque
  • melt above 40 °C without decomposition
  • already of relatively low viscosity at just above the melting point
  • highly temperature-dependent consistency and solubility
  • can be polished under gentle pressure

In addition to crude FT-wax, the range of VESTOWAX® products includes modified hard paraffins and oxidates. Depending on the supply form different bags sizes are offered: Prills usually in 25 kg bags or 700 kg big bags, pellets, flakes and coarse powder usually in 20 kg bags, microfine powder usually in 15 kg bags.

Your benefits

- solutions for a multitude of applications

- extensive range of FT-modified grades

- wide variety of supply forms - from pellets to microfine powder

Markets & applications

Hot melts (e.g. crystallinity imporover, viscosity reducer, melting point improver, surface stickiness reducer)

Plastic processing (e.g. lubricant for PVC, nucleating agent for EPS, dispersing aid for pigments and filler, processing aid for rubber)

Printing inks (e.g. rub resistance, slip improver, anti-blocking agent)

Paints (e.g. scratchproofing agent, matting agent, processing aid for powder coatings)

Technical emulsions (e.g. sewing yarn lubricant, sizing agent)

Cosmetics (e.g. lipstick hardener, oil binder for pastes, Dispersing aid for color-cosmetics)

Polishes (e.g. dry-bright emulsion, solventborne systems)

Wax compounds & candle additives (e.g. dispersing aid for dyes, hardening)