The Coating and Adhesive Resins Business Line with its specialty acrylics product group offers a broad range of methacrylic products and competences for coatings and adhesives, medical and ceramics applications, and rheology modifiers.

Our product portfolio is designed for various industries like food packaging, medical and ceramics applications, orthopedics manufacturing and auxiliaries for diverse applications. Find the right product for your application here!

DEGACRYL® HS for Heat Sealing

DEGACRYL® HS are functional methacrylic and hybrid polymers which are available in the form of organic solutions, organic dispersions and water-based dispersions.

DEGACRYL® Bead Polymers for medical and ceramic applications

DEGACRYL® bead polymers are PMMA polymers which are available in the form of powder.


DEGACRYL® RG as polyelectrolytes

DEGACRYL® RG types are polyelectrolytes which are available as aqueous solutions or in the form of powder.

DEGAPLAST® Resins for Orthopedic

DEGAPLAST® products are acrylic based resins for the manufacturing of composites.