DEGACRYL® RG - Dispersant and thickener

Anionic, cationic and non ionic polyelectrolytes trademarked DEGACRYL® RG are solid or in aqueous solution.


DEGACRYL® RG S types are supplied in powder form and are available for various viscosities. The salts of DEGACRYL® RG with alkalis, alkaline earths, ammonia and amines in the form of their aqueous solutions are suitable for many technical and cosmetic purposes.

The film properties of the salts of DEGACRYL® RG S  are determined by the type and quantity of the base used for neutralization. The alkali and ammonium salts provide clear, hard and brittle films. The film of the triethanolamine salt is softer. It should be noted, however, that the salts are hygroscopic substances which, depending on the relative humidity, take up greater or smaller quantities of water and then swell. The absorbed water has a plasticizing effect. Films of the alkali salts and of the salts of least volatile amines dissolve in water with ease. The swellability and water-solubility of the ammonium salts depend largely on the drying conditions, since the water resistance of the films increases with the escape of ammonia.

DEGACRYL® RG SL 606 is the aqueous solution of a sodium salt of an acrylic polymer. It is applied as “stir-in” thickening agent for polymer dispersion, textile finishes and other aqueous formulations. The aqueous  solutions are anionic and compatible with anionic and non-ionic synthetic polymer emulsions, pigments and fillers. The solutions are sensitive towards products which react cationically and to multivalent metal cations‒Thickening agent for synthetic polymer emulsions, finishes, compounds and other aqueous preparations which may be slightly acidic, neutral or alkaline.

DEGACRYL® RG 3059 L is a emulsifier based on a methacrylic polymer for manufacturing water-in-oil emulsions.